We organise several group tours to different fascinating, exotic and beautiful destinations across the world. We have a highly resourceful and self motivated team in our Group Tours Department with high capacity, capabilities, experience and vast knowledge in the travel and tourism field who are adequately equipped to design and deliver an affordably low budget, carefully planned and top notch group tour package that will meet any group’s specific travel needs. In our Group Tour product profile, we have both Closed Group Tours and Regular Group Tours.

Closed Group Tours are tours specially and specifically designed for a particular group from the same organization with specific needs while the Regular Group Tours are the advertised destinations that any customers can key in. 90% of our Group Tours are Escorted Group Tours. This means a Tour Executive from our office will travel and be with your group throughout the length and duration of your trip purposely to attend to every of your group’s needs and to see and attend to the welfare and wellbeing of every individual member in your group.

The elements of our Group Tours include designing of your itinerary at no cost, visa processing where necessary, flight ticket, accommodation, meals, group activities, team building modules, transportation, games, tours and many more activities as may be specifically needed by your group.

Handover your Group’s travel package or join any of our regular group package tours and enjoy a well crafted group tour experience ever! Call or send a mail to our group tours department or fill our online registration form to enquire for more details.

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